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Ed Fraser - Fraser Coaching

Who am I?

My name is Ed Fraser, an Executive Coach, Business Coach and Career Coach. I have dedicated twelve years of my life towards helping different groups of people grow, change and develop. I am passionate about making a difference and seeing the positive changes people make to their lives as a result of working with me.  

I am a qualified Level 7 ILM Executive Coach and have been fortunate to have worked across a variety of industries. Working in London’s financial services sector, I supported both individual executives in the development of their careers, and organisations in the building of effective teams. I have also worked in the education sector both as a secondary school Head of Department, leading and coaching my direct team in their professional development, and as an external coach working with other senior leaders.  

Most recently, I have been working with business owners in Film Production and Technology Recruitment to help them identify challenges or obstacles that are holding them back in their businesses or careers and develop clear actionable solutions that resolved them. 

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My Coaching Ethics

Whilst working with any clients I place great importance on the code of ethical frameworks outlined by the ILM and ICF (International Coaching Federation). This means client who undertake coaching with me can expect
  • Confidentiality
  • A non-judgemental environment and relationship
  • Clear and transparent lines of communication throughout
  • A professional approach
  • High standards of my own self-awareness and self-review 

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