Coaching Services

Although there are a wide variety of coaching types, I have chosen to focus on the following areas to ensure my services are particularly tailored and suited to the clients I work with.  

Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching


Executive coaching and leadership coaching helps not only with the most senior individuals in an organisation, but also with those who are moving or have moved into these types of positions and want support developing their leadership skills


My executive coaching will vary in its focus and will depend on your specific needs, but I will always help you to unleash your potential by focusing on the strategic challenges and big picture decisions of your organisation/role, rather than your day to day responsibilities.  

Business Coaching

Running your own business can be exciting and challenging. How often do you find yourself working in your business, rather than on your business? Have you got an objective and external sounding board?  


I can be your sounding board. I will listen, discuss and support you with any aspect of your business. I will aim to develop your personal awareness and help you adapt your behaviours so you can overcome any challenges holding you and your business back from growth. 

Career Coaching

In the modern world of work, people are much more likely to move jobs and change careers multiple times. I have switched career direction twice and understand the challenges in finding your new path or even how to place one foot in front of the other in getting started.  

I can help you find clarity on your next career steps, be that a small change in role or a big change in industry. Coaching will help build your confidence in making meaningful progress towards successful change. 

Your Coaching Journey


Discovery Call/Meeting

Coaching is a two way relationship. It is important for you to find out about me and what I can do for you and it is important for me to understand you, your business and your needs. During this first session we will talk in depth about you and I will listen, clarify and listen more. We will explore the idea of what is possible by working together. This will be followed up with a coaching questionnaire to complete before the next session. 

Goals and Barriers Meetings

In our initial sessions, we will focus on goals, aspirations and barriers to success. We will look closely at the answers from your completed questionnaire. Using these as a framework, we can explore your dreams and goals for the future, and also explore any limiting beliefs or insecurities that may be holding you back. 

Future Action Meetings

By this stage, we will have identified some clear goals and barriers and will now focus on creating manageable, powerful actions to help you achieve those goals. We will set clear deadlines for you to work towards and then review and evaluate your progress in the following sessions. 

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